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The Principality of Monaco is famous for its stars - lavish parties, beautiful beaches and fantastic food. Monaco and its surroundings are beautiful, but the region, especially the casino, is known to be one of the most popular food and drink destinations in the world. It houses a number of stunning - falling - yachts, hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, nightclubs and even a golf course.

In summer, Monte Carlo is lit up by dazzling concerts and there are many festivals and celebrations, including the Grand Prix of Monte-Carlo, the Monaco Carnival and the Royal Festival of Monaco. If you attend one of the many events in the Principality, such as the annual Monaco Festival, or visit the magnificent buildings such as the Prince's Palace, you will be impressed by the extravagance on display.

If you're on a budget, try one of the many restaurants in the city, such as the Michelin-starred restaurants or the famous restaurants of Monaco. If you are not rich or famous but have the luxury of eating delicious food at a high level, you can enjoy the culinary experience at one of Monaco's best restaurants, prepared by Chef Jean-Claude Brugel in a restaurant on the top floor of an old building, the Grand Hotel, just a few blocks from the Royal Palace. This restaurant is located in an elegant building with a beautiful view of Monte-Carlo and a great view over the Mediterranean Sea. A delicious meal of stuffed spinach fritters or a delicious salad is particularly welcome after a tense roulette round at the casino.

Cafe Paris Monte Carlo invites you to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a Parisian bistro from its outdoor terrace. It is also easy to dine on the rooftop of Jimmy COYA in Monte Carlo, which is set in beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Royal Palace and Grand Hotel.

Monte Carlo was awarded two stars and impressed the jury with its unique Monaco style, with truffles and quail caramelised in applesauce and truffles.

This is definitely a must - go during your stay in Monte Carlo, and even if it's just an afternoon snack, it's worth it. This is certainly one of the best seafood restaurants in the world, with seafood that brings guests from the Aegean coast to Monte Carolina. It is definitely another must-see during a stay in Monte Monaco, but even if it is just for a snack for an afternoon, it was worth it - it is worth the trip.

From Monaco - Monte Carlo train station, you must take bus no. 1 or 2 to reach the Aquarium. If you want to fly from Ventimiglia to Monte Monaco, you can wait for your ticket at the ticket counter in Monte Carolina or, if you cannot fly to Nice, simply take the bus or train. COYA has a wide selection of hotels and restaurants for those who do not quite make it to Monte Carlo. You can also travel by train to other parts of France or even Milan, or by bus / train if you stay in Monaco.

For more exotic food, the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo is a great place to sample oriental food in a luxurious setting. This three Michelin-starred restaurant serves some of the best dishes in Monte Monaco and the service is exceptional.

Many even claim that Il Terazzino is one of the best restaurants in Monaco and therefore expect to pay accordingly. That may sound like a lot, but when you consider that the food is first class - and it certainly is - the price is fairly fair. If you eat in a two-star restaurant in Monte Carlo, it sounds very expensive, but bear in mind that it is a good restaurant in Monte Carlo and many of its prices are comparable to those of other restaurants around the world, such as Paris or New York.

The main courses cost between 10 and 25 euros, and the best place for pizza is the restaurant dining room, where the main course costs between 10 and 20 euros.

At Heli Securite, we regularly take our guests to some of the best restaurants on the French Riviera of Monaco. Based on our expertise in the best restaurants in the Principality, here is our list of the top restaurants in Monaco! Both siblings showcase a cadre of capable pizzaiolos, with Elsa winning the award for Best Pizza at the 2015 Pizza World Cup.

The choice of dining options is truly diverse and gourmets will never be bored, as there are many top-notch restaurants in Monaco. Everyone gets something to eat, and if the quality is not compromised by the world's super-rich, you can expect Monaco, which is generally known for its high prices, to reflect this in the prices of Monaco's best restaurants!

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