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At Heli Securite, we regularly take our guests to some of the best restaurants on the French Riviera of Monaco. At the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, our team pooled our local knowledge to bring you the best secrets of the world's best restaurants in Monaco to seal the deal. Thanks to our expertise in fine dining in the Principality and its surroundings, here is our list of the top restaurants in Monaco, in no particular order.

Alain Ducasse's restaurant, commonly considered Monte Carlos's finest, sits proudly atop a glittering Michelin star. Nowhere is the Louis XV restaurant at the Hotel Paris, Monaco's only Michelin three-star restaurant, more popular than at the Heli Securite. The service is exceptional and the Michellin-Sterne restaurant serves some of the best dishes in Monte Carlo.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the hotel was rebuilt in 2004 by French designer Jacques Garcia and now has four restaurants, including Michelin-starred Yoshi's, Robuchon Restaurant and four-star Restaurant de Monte Carlo. Its world-famous status surpasses that of the Casino de Monaco, built by SBM to attract European nobles and wealthy elites to stay, gamble and spend lavishly on the sunny Cote d'Azur. The menu focuses on modern French cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, seafood and seafood - centric dishes such as oysters, macaroni and cheese, salmon and lobster.

The food in Monte Carlo is continental, so visitors can expect both the hotel café and restaurants to open early for breakfast. The cafe is a safe way to ensure that your friends and family have a great dining experience inMonte Carlo, especially if your guests are flying into town for a time.

The Monte Carlo Casino is just a short walk from the Hermitage and right on Place du Casino.

In collaboration with Chef Christophe Cussac, this Monte Carlo restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine, focusing exclusively on the best ingredients. Located in the heart of one of France's most popular tourist destinations, the restaurant's Mediterranean-inspired menu is simply exquisite.

The restaurant is beautifully located on the horizontal deck of the famous Opera House, one of Monte Carlo's most popular tourist attractions. Located on the waterfront and boasting breathtaking 360 degree views, including the glittering Mediterranean Sea, it is the ideal place to pamper your guests. Beautifully located in the heart of this iconic resort, this restaurant focuses on seafood cuisine and is just a short walk from the city's famous Opera House.

The Port de Fontvieille is the best place to eat on the Monte Carlo coast. I suspect that many visitors who have been to Monte Carlo have never ventured into one of the many restaurants in the heart of this iconic resort, but you would expect the restaurants here to be reasonably priced. If your budget is not an object, then the sky is the limit, as Monte- Carlo has some regal restaurants. Most of them are upscale restaurants, and visitors who queue with their shoes will find that the fixed lunch menus offered in many restaurants offer good value for money. You can go to the top of a restaurant and dine on the restaurant's rooftop terrace.

For more exotic food, the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo is a great place to sample oriental food in a luxurious setting. Even if you are not rich or famous, you can enjoy the culinary experience in some of the best restaurants in Monaco, as you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food at a high level.

At the Casino de Monte Carlo, you stand in front of the sprawling Loews Hotel, which has always had its share of glitz and glamour. It might still be a mini Las Vegas when it comes to glamour, but you can enjoy a unique dining experience inspired by the French Riviera and complemented by some of Monaco's most famous restaurants, such as Bistro D'Elegance and Grand Palais de Monaco.

Elsa is a gourmet restaurant and hosts one of the best pizzaiolo in the world, Mario Batali and his sister Elsa. Both siblings have produced a cadre of capable pizzzaolos in recent years, with Elsa winning the first honours at the 2015 Pizza World Cup. Monte Carlo had two stars and impressed the jury with a truffle quail caramelised with apple sauce and truffles. Elsa is the only restaurant in Monaco to have two Michelin stars on its menu and has been rated two stars on TripAdvisor.

Along the harbour, small cafés and shops line the coast, and there is also an oceanographic museum (a glorified aquarium), established by Prince Albert and overseen in his time by none other than Jacques Cousteau. Just a few steps from the Casino de Monte Carlo, the conveniently located Cafe de Monaco is a popular place for affordable prices. This lively restaurant offers a reasonably priced menu and is just a short walk through the cobbled streets of the city centre and down to the beach. Named after the famous nightclub famous for wild parties on Monte Carlo Beach, the restaurant has a lively and informal atmosphere with the best sea views.

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