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Monaco may be a microstate, but it is home to some of the world's greatest polo players and their families. Every summer, the world's best polo players come to the Monaco Polo Club for a week of excitement. Monaco is the cradle of polo and also home to one of the most famous sports in Europe.

The breathtaking south coast of France is one of the most touristy areas in the world and, in terms of size, the second highest in Europe. Every year Monaco hosts the biggest sporting event of its kind, the World Cup. Monaco hosts all the sporting events that an avid fan could wish for, from the title winning football team to a world-class basketball team.

There are many events organised, including the Monaco Grand Prix, which ends just outside the city where we are. There is also the Monte Carlo Rally, considered one of the toughest rallying events. The festival and its extraordinary programme continue to support it and put it at the top of our summer calendar. We also participate in the World Rally Championship, an event that is normally held on French territory.

Most tennis players who are on the tour all year round, however, spend much less time in Monte Carlo than 6 months. In fact, they only register for 2-3 months in Monaco, whereas most players who have to be on tour all year round do not.

The only reason why so many sportsmen and women choose to reside there is that Monaco is known for its favourable tax conditions. One of the main reasons tennis players live in Monte Carlo is that it does not offer its residents income tax. It is safe to say that most of these actors live only for their economic benefits.

With a sporting culture as rich as Monaco's, it stands to reason that many sports stars will choose the principality. Every spring, you can watch the Monaco Grand Prix, where the giants of Formula One compete in a race that fills the richest city in the world with media and luxury boats. Every time a sports star moves to the Principality, an incredible property in Monaco with a serious sporting history is for sale.

The event takes place in a private field, a magnificent private property overlooking the Principality, which is only a few minutes from Monaco itself. There are more horses in the jump-off than at any other sporting event in Monaco, and there is also the world-famous Grand Prix de Monaco and the Monaco Marathon. Both will take place at the legendary Circuit de la Monaco, which offers a unique opportunity to create a unique experience for fans of this prestigious race.

The most luxurious apartments are very close to the sea and have their own pool to cool off, but in summer it can get very hot. The problem is that they are easy to find, have a lot of walking distance and are not too far from the city center, the main shopping area and the airport.

Nice is also a great day trip on the French Riviera and can be easily reached from Monaco by car or train. Trains normally run every 10 minutes, the journey takes about 30 minutes and is a good option if you are staying in Monaco, but you will need to have a car, train or even a private car, as well as a boat.

Today Monte Carlo, named after Charles III, became famous for books and films and is now one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Riviera and the most famous tourist destination in the world. There is the newly renamed Automobile Club de Monaco, which was formerly a cycling club, and there are a large number of clubs and clubs in the city, such as the Monaco Cycling Club, but there are many other clubs as well as a few private clubs. Casino Monte-Carlo is an iconic and bustling place in Monaco, and is built after the famous German Bad Homburg Casino. If you're lucky enough to be in the neighbouring COYA Monaco Carlo (a famous Peruvian restaurant that only opened at the end of May this year), you're 200 metres away.

This means that many of the best athletes in the world make Monaco an annual stopover, taking Monaco into the UEFA Champions League, winning the championship eight times and finishing runner-up - both in 2004 and at the World Cup.

This tournament is played on clay, and many of the players play on clay to prepare for the French Open, which usually takes place a month later. That means the best way to watch the round is to catch the club side in action in Monaco. Early to mid-April is a great time to watch football matches and the Monte Carlo Open.

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